Job interviews tend to make everyone nervous. There may be many things going through your head right before an interview. You may, for example, worry that you won’t be able to answer the interviewer’s questions to their liking. However, there may be something you’re forgetting all together. You should also have questions you want to ask the job interviewer. Asking the right questions can impress the interviewer and allow you discover important information. However, exactly what questions should you ask? Here are some suggestions compiled by Francis James Executive Brisbane Legal Recruitment.

What Do the Responsibilities of this Position Entail?

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One thing you should absolutely inquire about is what the job you are applying for entails. You should know what kind of work you will be expected to perform. You should learn what your average day will be like. While it will be expected that you know something about the position already, it doesn’t hurt to ask this question so it does seem like you are actually interested in the work you will be performing.

What Do You Consider to Be the Company’s Values?

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A second question you should ask should concern the company’s values. You should learn what they are and what they mean to the company as a whole. This question will impress the interviewer. It can also give you deeper insights into the company culture at this business. What they hold as important can help to show you whether or not you would want a long-term career with that organisation.

How Do You Measure Success in This Position?

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Another question suggested by Francis James Brisbane Legal Recruitment is to ask how the employer measures success in the position you are applying for. Knowing what the job entails is one thing. However, knowing what kind of achievement in that position is considered to be a success to the company is something else entirely. You might even want to ask about what the key performance indicators, KPI for short, are for the role. It will show that you are serious about performing in that position.

What Is the Most Challenging Aspect of This Position?

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Asking about the more challenging aspect of the position is also a good idea. In regards to any job you are applying for, you should want to learn both the good and the bad regarding the work you will be doing. If you can handle the worst aspects of a job, you should be able to excel in that position.

What Are the Opportunities for Advancement in This Position?

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Lastly, Francis James Brisbane Legal Recruitment suggests inquiring whether there is an opportunity for advancement in the position you are applying for. No one wants to be stuck in a dead-end job without opportunities for moving up the corporate ladder. Asking this question also shows the interviewer that you are at least interested in the possibility of staying with the organisation for the long-term.  If that recruiter believes you won’t be with the company for long, you will not be hired.